Family lifestyle session, I’ve decided to start doing more lifestyle sessions with my girls. When I was taking photos of my 4 year old last week, it got me thinking back to when she was a tiny newborn. How, even the days are long, the years are so very short. It felt like just yesterday I was rocking her to sleep so how is she four already?? What is supposed to be four years seems like a second to me. Like I blinked and now she’s only a year away from Kindergarten. So I wanted to start something that captured the moments in between them growing up before my eyes. I wanted to capture the NOW, them playing and drawing and laughing, being the silly and crazy toddlers that they are in this moment. I wanted to capture their little art masterpieces, the toys they play with, the superhero moments. Because it all changes so fast. In a year, in five years, these toys, this room, even they, will all look so different! I took these photos on a day they were both home, with no school, no errands, nothing to do but to play and be kids.

I really think these types of sessions are just so true to what is happening in life right now. The real and raw. Even with life’s ups and downs, this is our life, our story, and it’s beautiful. Thats why I like creating images to show that, and why I really love doing a family lifestyle session. The girls got into it, I got into it and loved being able to just watch them play 🙂 I am definitely going to love doing more of these type of sessions with them soon!



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