This session was special, first it was a sunrise family session, most sessions are done during sunset. But I love a good sunrise session (especially during the summer) when the heat and humidity hasn’t gotten outta control! And what made this session the coolest, was because it was for my sisters fam, whom I love, AND it was at Lake Wawasee, a favorite place of ours since we were in diapers. I’ve never been able to do a family photoshoot at the Lake (other than quick ones of my kids) and was so excited when my sister asked if I could take their photos when we would all be up there on vacation.

We debated on when we should do it, but anyone who has toddlers knows that meltdowns happen alot more during the late afternoon/bedtime time frame! and that is REALLY when the light is the best for a session. Unless you can convince your hubs and kids to get up early enough to catch the perfect light for a sunrise family session! (In my experience, the little kiddos can definitely be a bit better behaved if you can shoot them earlier rather than later.) In this case it worked out for everybody involved and the result is in the photos 🙂

I definitely don’t get to see my sister as much as I’d like, given that we don’t live in the same state, and haven’t for almost 20 years now…maybe that will change eventually, maybe it won’t. But I’ll treasure our family vacations and the precious time we get to spend together no matter what. And probably more so right now because we don’t get to see each other regularly. I know since having kids it has made me appreciate my family much more and realize how much I want them be a part of my kids lives. Fortunately most of my fam lives in Indy and I’m beyond lucky!


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