Sunrise Session, Extended Family

Indianapolis, Indianapolis

I am so lucky to get to photograph the best families, the small, the big, the extended! And one of my last sessions was no exception! I’ve known Stephanie, her husband, Bobby, and her cute (not so little) family for a few years now. But I just had the pleasure of meeting all the rest of her even bigger extended family last week. One thing I love about photographing big families is the craziness! There’s just so much going on and so many awesome pictures to take! It can be loud and silly and chaotic plus more, but all SO worth it for the photos I capture. Getting the cousin photos or Grandparents with grandchildren, those are the rare ones that I simply love getting to capture. And isn’t that the point of being thisclose to your big, crazy family? To be able spend those type of moments with them? And hopefully, every now and again, have someone like me who gets to capture them for always.



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