Family Summer Sunset Session

Indianapolis, Indiana

Meet the Odoms, we had the perfect Summer family session! I was lucky enough to first photograph this growing family back in April, shortly before sweet George was born. So when I got to take Family photos for them a few months later I was so excited to meet their new addition!

Becoming a first time parent is so incomparable to any other big thing in your life, even if you have another and become a parent again, it’s not the same as that very first time. I remember it so vividly, one second it’s just you and the next it’s literally not and BAM you’re a mom. Just. Like. That. I also remember thinking in the hospital, how can they just let me take this babe home?? What makes me qualified, I mean how do they know I’ll be able to keep this little human alive?! Obviously they don’t. But it seems crazy to think that once you have a baby moms can just leave the hospital with them without any questions….and now they depend on you 24/7, no pressure right?!? Most of us find our way one day at a time, one minute at a time for me, it felt like. But we get there and we learn and adapt to our new life, caring for a babe. And all those sleepless nights, frustrated moments, hormonal cries, endless diaper changes (I could go on…) become worth it when you see them grow, smile, walk, talk! Yep, and its the reason that you do it again, and again, despite those first few freakout moments when you first became a mom. You get it, you get the reason, we all do 🙂

I’m just gonna leave this cute family here for you to enjoy, and maybe some of you are right there with them, with a sweet 3 month old, in survival mode and finding your new normal. And some of you are waaaay past that but can relate and remember what it was like to have that new babe in your arms and how quickly time really does fly!


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